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Chavittunadakam performance at Delhi – a unique opportunity for Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedom
Delhi Keralolsavam 2015 was organized by the Department of Information and Public relations. During this festival Kreupasanam team was invited to perform Chavittunadakam Kaarlsman , Marthomasandesham and Coastal Parichamuttukali, a spectacular event in the history of Kreupasanam. The festival was presided by Shri.Gyanesh kumar IAS, Resident Commissioner, Kerala House and it was inaugurated by Sri. K C Joseph, Minister for Rural Development, Planning, Culture, Dairy Development, NORKA and Information & Public Relations Kerala. Omchery N. N. Pillai Malayalam–language playwright, novelist and poet delivered the keynote address.
Kreupel 2015
The Chavittunadakam unit at Ezphupunna organized a mega event to popularize the traditional art form titled “Kreupel 2015” . the programme witnessed the performance of Chavittunadakam play” Rahasiyakadari”
Documentation on Chavittunadakam
Documentation on Chavittunadakam was conducted at Gothuruth organized by South Zone cultural centre, Thanjavoor and Kerala folklore academy. It was a five day programme which recorded and identified the roots and tradition of Chavittunadakam.
Chavittunadakam performance at Muscat- A new chapter for Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedom

Kreupasanam Chavittunadakam team showcased their performance in Muscat, which is a realization of a dream predicted by his Holiness Rt.Rev.Dr.Stephen Athipozhiyil, Bishop of Alleppey Diocese. The striving effort and struggle for more than 25 years by Fr.V.P.Joseph Valiyaveetil for the rejuvenation of coastal art forms , which was moved back to stage, paved the way for the chavittunadaka artists to achieve this great opportunity.

The innumerable efforts for the rejuvenation of traditional folk arts, like, Chavittunadakam, coastal Parichamuttukali, Annavipattukal, Ammanapattukal, annavipattukal, puthenpana,, coastal vanchipattukal and Devasthavili and the formation of National Heritage Study centre and Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedam, the unique and the sole institution that is working for the renaissance of minority culture and art for the last twenty five years, led to the spread of this art form world wide.

Chavittunadakam team performed Marthoma Sandesham and Kaarlsman Chavittunadakam in its classical tradition which was highly appreciated by the organizers and audience.. The team was headed by P.G.Solomon, Cultural program secretary and 6 well experienced and talented artists , which gave historical glory and pride to Kreupasanam.

Artists who performed Chavittunadakam abroad was honored by Kreupasanam
The artists who performed Chavittunadakam in Muscat was honored by Kreupasanam. Former Minister , Shri .K. C Venugopal MP honored the artists with a certificate and memento.
Kreupasanam witnessed the Documentation by C-DIT - A project by the State Government
As part of rejuvenation of heritage arts, a documentation project, a State Government initiative was conducted by C-DIT. C-DIT (Centre for Development of Imaging Technology) is a Local self body which helps the state government to document various initiatives by the government. The team visited Kreupasanam with the mission to popularize the heritage art forms and present it to new era. Documentation included Chavittunadakam performances, artists and training sessions.
Kreupasanam Naithal Mission set wings to higher prospects
Kreupasanam Naithal Mission set wings to higher prospects Kreupasanam Naithal mission, a wing of Kreupasanam Annavi welfare foundation was able to provide medical aid to four old age chavittunadaka artists and pension was sanctioned for seven chavittunadaka artists.
National Workshop at Kreupasanam
National Heritage Study centre will be hosting National Workshop on Chavittunadakam on 29th January 2013 in collaboration with FLAME (Foundation for Liberal Management and Education). Pune.
National excellence    
Fr.V.P.Joseph Valiyaveetil was honoured for the receiving the award “National excellence” in 2012.


Folkarts website Inauguration
Website www.folkarts.in was formally inaugurated by Mr.Roy,Public relations officer to culture and arts,Alappuzha

International Workshop in collaboration with University of Georgia,USA.

International Workshop was formally inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Dr.Steephan Athippozhi on 30 th December 2012.

International Workshop on Folk arts was organised in collaboration with University of Georgia,United States of America.

Academic Directors: Uttiyo Raychaudhuri, Associate Director, Global Programs in Sustainability:Farley Richmond, Professor, Theatre and Film Studies,

Academic Co-ordinators:Monolita Chatterjee (Kerala) were the chief resource persons

Chavittunadakam fest ”chuvadi-2012”

Chavittunadakam fest”chuvadi-2012” was held at Gothuruth.Kreupasanam presented the Chavittunadakam”Life of queen Brijeena” on 29th December 2012.

Chavittunadakam Training

Chavittunadakam as an item for competition in school youth festivals was held in different states of Kerala.Kreupasanam artists gave training at Changanassery, Malapuram, Kottayam etc.


Chavittunadaka Training academy, Malappuram

Chavittunadaka Training academy was established in Changanassery and Malappuram ,Kerala on October 2012



Omanapuzha Kuttapanasan , who casted and gave training in Kuttysranku film, Genuine artist inchavittunadakam was honoured


“THAMBER 2013 “ at Arthunghal Church

Cultural Fiesta “THAMBER 2013 “ will be held from 18th to 27th January 2013 at Arthunkal Church ,Alappuzha.
Thamber , a unique culutural fiesta is organised every year in Alapuzha in association with Kerala Ministry of Cultural affairs aimed at presenting the performances ,holding seminar ,conferences so as to popularise these artforms among masses.


Chavittunadakam as an item for competition in school youth festival

Chavittunadakam as an item for competition in school youth festivals was held in different states of Kerala.Kreupasanam artists gave training at Changanassery, Malapuram, Kottayam etc.


A workshop on folk arts in collaboration with Cluster of Colleges
by The Cochin College,Kochi

A workshop on folk arts will be conducting on January 7th 2013 in collaboration with Cluster of Colleges, which will be hosted by The Cochin College,Kochi



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