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Foregrounding the Indian cultural heritage in the Global space
National Heritage Study centre and Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedam, is a unique and sole institution that is working for the renaissance of minority culture and art for last twenty years. Initially, an organization was formed in 1989, so as to rejuvenate the coastal folk arts. Fr.V.P.Joseph founder Director of National Heritage Study centre,while aiming for the rejuvenation of folk arts, his area of concern was not confined to research study or academic excellency. He walked along with the art forms. His initiative include discovering the new phases of art, training centers were established in different parts of the state, identifying the coastal artists and reviving them, performing the art forms in different areas so as to popularize the art form among people

Re-discovery and rejuvenation of folk arts which fosters Research, documentation, transmitting and presenting all forms of ethnic and indigenous folk art
To create opportunities for the keepers of society’s traditions to pass knowledge and skills on to younger generations.


Under the leadership of Fr.V.P.Joseph, The centre has produced the first ever ChavittuNadaka documentary film in Malayalam, Samskrithiyude Samanwayam. It has also produced 7 seven documentary films related to folk art

Imbibing the modern needs, a 16 dayChavittunadakam had been adapted to a 12 min show titled “ Marthoma Sandhesam” mainataining allits inherent traditional qualities like choreography, costumes etc. At first it was exhibited at Andheri stadium, Mumbai where 24 international channels telecasted the program.

Presentation of chavittunadakam in the international Cannes film festival was one of the main achievements of Fr.V.P.Jospeh; thirty artists were given skilful training at Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedam, for the Kutty Sranku featured film by Shaji.N.Karun.

Fr.V.P.Joseph has taken much fruitful efforts to include these performances as an item for competition in School youth festivals so as to rejuvenate and bring back this art form to whole community .Accordingly, Chavittunadakam became a competition item from 2012 School youth festival

Kreupasanam Annavi Welfare foundation
A welfare foundation so as to support the sick and old aged artists. It act as a facilitator for granting pensions from the Government and helps in channelizing medical aid and health welfare programmes to the aged chavittunadakam artists. This is a noble attempt which credits to the master mind of Fr.V.P.Joseph.
World wide Recognition
University of Georgia, USA in collaboration with National Heritage Study centre hosted a international workshop on folk arts on December 30th 2011, which aimed at improving our understanding of human – environment relations through an integrated ecological and socio-cultural approach, which sets forth a golden page in the history of Kreupasanam
The institution also collaborates with Academic institutions folklore academy, co-operative institutions, NGO’s, State Government of the Country to showcase these art forms and there by popularize the art.
National Recognition

Recognizing the Valuable contributions made by Fr.V.P.Joseph, for the renaissance of these art forms, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of India bestowed him with Senior Research Fellowship which added a golden feather to his crown.
Kerala Catholic Bishops council honored him with the Media Award, the great award which remarks his excellence. Father .has been nominated for Padmashree for two times in the year 2009 and 2010. Acknowledging his invaluable service, Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy, Kerala Folklore Academy and Kerala Sahitya Academy, KCBC, POC have honoured him with various awards and scholarships.
Father has been honored with the CPCI Award in the year 2012

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